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How To Tell If Your Child Is In A Categorical Program

  • You're called "resistant" if you disagree with what the therapist thinks.

  • You are invited to meetings by form letters that have your name written in a blank space.

  • People you don't know start calling you "mom" and "dad".

  • You learn the meanings of the words:

    - Enmeshment

    - Milieu

    - Failure to bond

    - Bipolar

  • You begin to think that parenting is an example of "codependent behavior".

  • People you don't know do things to your child for which you would be childlined.

  • Your child's peers suddenly all have a psychiatric or criminal history.

  • You're not allowed to visit your child unless they have the "right" number of points or are on the "right" level.

  • You are labeled "hysterical" when the clothes you purchased for your child are suddenly missing.

  • You are expected to talk in initials like everyone else at the table during a staffing.

  • When your child returns home, he tells you that it's okay to be angry as long as your self-esteem is intact.

  • Strange adults you don't know want to "bond" with your daughter.

  • Kindly strangers begin to predict that they could "straighten your son out" if they had a week with him.

  • People who have no children ask you what's wrong at home in a significant tone of voice
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