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15 Ways To Reframe Common Terms

Common Issues

  1. Child runs away alot

  2. Child is assaultive

  3. Family is crisis oriented

  4. Family resists assistance

  5. Child has a negative peer group

  6. Child has low self esteem

  7. Child is totally unable to stay on task

  8. Family is dysfunctional

  9. Child was ejected from last three programs

  10. Child is unable to make relationships

  11. This family is over-empowered

  12. Child doesn't take responsibility

  13. Family doesn't follow through with services

  14. Parents are enmeshed with their child; i.e., poor boundaries

  15. Family has no support and is isolated

Reframed as Strength

  1. Child has good survival skills

  2. Child likes physical contact

  3. Family is adaptable

  4. Family is a wise shopper for services

  5. Child is able to make friends

  6. Child knows external cues well

  7. Child is curious, inquisitive

  8. Family is overwhelmed; services aren't adequate

  9. Child is extremely adaptable

  10. Child is self reliant, independent, or a good judge of character

  11. Family is a good advocate and figured out how to get what they want

  12. Child wants to enjoy childhood, is age appropriate

  13. Family is self sufficient

  14. Parents love their child

  15. Family is new to the neighborhood

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